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COP24: Can sport become a ‘climate leading’ sector?

As four influential nation states softened their stance on climate action, despite the IPCC’S dire warning of certain catastrophe without “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented...

COP24: Influential sports organisations come together to commit to climate action framework

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and FIFA are among a group of influential sporting organisations to commit to the goals of the Paris Agreement...

WATCH: Sport commits to ‘transformative’ climate action at COP24


The Editor: Sport needs to utilise the media to engage fans in sustainability

Did you know that FIFA was the first sports federation to create an independent advisory board related to human rights issues? Or that UEFA...

Sport must be targeted, not vague, to contribute to SDGs, says Commonwealth Secretariat

The sports sector must become more targeted a less vague if it wants to play a central role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals...